Nettuno - Anti Bacterial Wipes

Wednesday 12th April 2023

We all know how hard it is to stay extra hygienic when you are working in an industrial environment. Whether you are on site or at a client’s house, or even travelling to and from locations, you are not guaranteed to have access to running water or basic hygienic facilities. This is very important as the occupational risks you may be exposed to could lead to the spread of illnesses, and certain chemical washes can cause damaged, sore, or irritated skin.

Germa Kleen Wipes are wipes made of nonwoven fabric and moistened with a special antibacterial product to always keep your hands clean. One of their sides has a gentle abrasive charge, which aids in the removal of dirt from products such as lubricants, grease, paints, silicones, resins, glues, sealants, graphite, rust, and enamels. Their cleansing action is skin-friendly, and the emollients makes them ideal even for frequent and intensive use. Germa Kleen Wipes are super convenient to take with you everywhere and can also be used without water, making hand cleaning possible anywhere and in any situation. You simply rub them on your hands until the dirt is completely emulsified. Thanks to their durability, they can also be used to clean the surfaces you work on or the machinery you operate with, achieving an effective cleaning effect and useful sanitization of the work environment. 

Germa Kleen Wipes are tested according to EN 1276 and EN 12504 standards, certifications that prove the bactericidal activity and sanitizing effectiveness of Germa Kleen Wipes. They are available in two versions: a handy tube of 40 wipes, perfect for carrying around in your backpack, pocket or on your work vehicle, or a bucket containing 100 wipes, for maximum savings and durability. The abrasive wipes are not only useful outside of workplaces but can also be used in the company or professional's place of business to provide a practical solution whenever quick removal of dirt from the hands is needed. The stainless-steel wall mount for the wipes allows Germa Kleen Wipes buckets to be placed in the most convenient areas of the company, for use whenever the need arises.

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