Pipe Cutters

A pipecutter is used to cut pipe evenly, and is a faster, more convenient way to do so.

For further information regarding Pipe Cutters, please send us an email at sales@perenco.ie
  • Kopper Kut KK15mm--1/2"
    Kopper Kut KK15mm--1/2"
  • Kopper Kut KK21mm--3/4"
    Kopper Kut KK21mm--3/4"
  • Spare Cutter Wheel KK36 [PK2]
    Spare Cutter Wheel KK36 [PK2]
  • Kopper Kut KK27mm--1"
    Kopper Kut KK27mm--1"
  • Spare Cutter Wheel  [2] 27mm/1"
    Spare Cutter Wheel [2] 27mm/1"

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